Özduran Investments

ozduranÖZDURAN INVESTMENTS LTD is a company active in the construction sector, specializing in design, consultancy and project management. As a reliable, respected and dynamic company, we contribute to the development of social and economic life in Northern Cyprus.

We aim to contribute to all our stakeholders by adhering to the principles of innovation, excellence, sustainable growth and trust.


To offer quality designs at affordable prices, to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level by producing the most suitable solutions for their expectations, to complete the project deliveries under our commitment on time and in accordance with the standards, to evaluate the suppliers within the whole quality system and to aim to improve them all together, to follow and apply technological developments, to work safety It is our mission to prioritize and develop the subject matter of the first degree, to use and apply environmentally friendly building materials as much as possible and to be respectful to the environment, and to help the career development of ÖZDURAN INVESTMENTS employees while realizing all these.


Based on a solid trust relationship with our customers, by constantly renewing itself, with our perspective that determines new trends, not following them; To always be at the top in quality, safe and original housing construction.