Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

After the real estate to be purchased is selected and the price is agreed upon with the seller, a sales contract is signed between the buyer and seller which includes details such as the sales price, payment and delivery conditions, and details of the property.

In order for non-TRNC citizens to purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus, they must obtain a "Real Estate Purchase Permit" from the TRNC state. This process is completed within 3 to 6 months.

After the contract is signed, the Stamp Fee – which is 0.5% of the sales price according to the current law – must be paid to the Tax Office within 21 days of the contract being signed. Thus, the contract becomes financially legal.

In addition, the sales contract must be registered at the Land Registry Office within 21 days of it being signed.

The buyer’s property right is legalized when they register the contract with the Land Registry Office, such that the property will not pass to the disposal or ownership of third parties.

A photocopy of the contract that has been stamped by the Tax Office must be submitted to our company.

Foreign nationals have the right to purchase 1 house or at most 1 dönüm of land per person from Northern Cyprus. Married couples are considered as 1 person.

The buyers' ID or passport is the only document required when purchasing a property.

The buyer is obligated to pay the "Deed Transfer Fee" for the property purchased. The Title Deed Transfer Fee is paid to the Northern Cyprus Land Registry Office when the title deed is transferred. If the buyer is purchasing their first property, a discounted transfer fee of 3% of the property’s sales price is paid. This fee is 6% for all persons who have previously used their discount right.

In addition, Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding tax are paid. The VAT is paid by the buyer and is 5% of the property’s sales price. Withholding tax is paid by the seller to the Tax Office at a rate of 4% of the property’s sales price for profit-making sellers (contractors) and 3.5% for non-profit sellers (owners).

There are 3 types of real estate in the TRNC. Namely;

Türk Koçanı (Turkish Title Deed): It is the type of title given for residences, land and workplaces owned by Turkish Cypriots or foreign nationals before 1974.

Eşdeğer Koçan (Equivalent Title Deed): Turkish Cypriots who had to leave their property in Southern Cyprus and migrate to Northern Cyprus in 1974 were given property by the TRNC government that was equivalent to the property they had owned on the Greek side. Turkish Cypriots who received the title deeds of their "Equivalent" real estate from the TRNC state signed documents renouncing the property they left behind on the Greek side. Equivalent deed properties are considered safe and can be bought and sold in any way.

Tahsis Koçan (Allocation Title Deed): These are title deeds that were given by the TRNC state to Turkish Cypriot citizens or settlers from Turkey after 1974 as a reward for their service during battle so they could settle in Northern Cyprus and sustain their lives here. These title deeds are under the guarantee of the TRNC state and their owners have full ownership rights over the properties.

After a property is registered into the Buyer’s name, the actual Will does not comprise the TRNC property that is why to draw a new Will is highly recommendable. Your new Will can be prepared by the local advocates.

One must apply for a residential permit in North Cyprus. On the first arrival in North Cyprus, a three-month tourist visa is given automatically. Should one wish to stay after the visa has expired, a temporary residence permit must be applied for at the Immigration Office.

Dönüm, evlek, ayak (feet) and meters are used in the measurement of land area in Northern Cyprus.

1 dönüm = 4 evlek

1 dönüm = 1,338 m2

1 dönüm = 14,400 ft2

1 Evlek = 334.5 m2

1 Evlek = 3,600 ft2

1 m2 = 10.76 ft2

Özduran Investments carries out special projects in addition to build-and-sell projects. Our company has the capacity to manage and monitor all processes from land acquisition to turnkey delivery – including landscaping and interior architecture – through our purchasing department, technical team and solution partners.

Currently, all flights to Northern Cyprus must connect through Turkey.

Yes, you can pay for your property by bank transfer from your account directly into our company’s accounts. Account information will be provided by our accounting department upon your request.

You can pay your electricity and telephone bills by setting up automatic payment orders for the relevant institutions. For water, you can pay in advance at the Iskele Municipality.

If your property has a management fee, you will need to contact the relevant management company regarding payments.

You need to apply to the Girne Municipality Real Estate Department to register your property. You will need your stamped sales contract, the relevant Land Registry Office registration document and official identity documentation (ID card or passport) to apply. Real estate tax calculations are based on the m2 area of your house.

You need to pay a deposit to KIBTEK to turn on your electricity. You will need your stamped sales contract, the relevant Land Registry Office registration document and official identity documentation (ID card or passport) to apply. If you are a TRNC citizen or have a TRNC citizen guarantor, the deposit fee is 470 TL, otherwise the deposit fee is 1,410 TL.

To have your water meter connected, you need to apply to the Girne Municipality Water Department. You will need your stamped sales contract, the relevant Real Estate Department registration document and official identity documentation (ID card or passport) to apply. The water meter connection fee is 1,976 TL.